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1) ​What a great surprise!!

I found out about Joan’s laser treatments for travel just before we were due to go on a cruise a while ago. Being susceptible to motion sickness, I was a bit sceptical, but thought it was worth a try.


Thank goodness I took that first step!! After a long flight and a week at sea, I can happily report that I did not have one moment of nausea nor any tiredness from jet lag etc. During my trip, my husband also received laser treatment. Although he does not suffer from motion sickness, he asked for the “full meal deal” to battle the effects of jet lag, fatigue and the possibility of hangover.


Again, not one activity or event was missed due to any maladies!! Needless to say, a visit to Joan has become a regular occurrence for us before any trip. We have never been disappointed by the outcome!! Thanks again Joan, and we hope that this special service which you provide carries on.

Pennylou and Brent M.

2) ​Stress and Anxiety Laser

Since I was about 10 years old, I’ve had to have an MRI on an annual or sometimes semi-annual basis. The first times didn’t go so well. The technician told me I would have to get medication from my doctor because I couldn’t keep still. When I decided to try the laser treatment from Joan............problem solved!


I would actually fall asleep in the MRI unit!


It also helped me with going to the dentist. This would be very stressful for me, but not any longer. I would definitely recommend the laser!

Frank M.

3) ​Hangover Laser

My husband Dave and I have had the laser treatment from Joan many times. At first we were sceptical about how effective it would be. Well, we were so happy with the results that we do not go on a trip without having our laser treatments for hangover.


So happy to have found this awesome service!

Donna P.

4)​ Laser treatment - hangover points/stomach upset

My wife and I tried this laser treatment about 6 years ago before we left for Jamaica. On previous trips down south, my wife would always have a couple of days where she couldn’t leave the room due to stomach sickness, not from consuming alcohol, but from the change in food and maybe water.


The purpose of having the treatment our first time was because we knew we were going to be consuming alcohol a few of the days we were there, as we were travelling with a group. Knowing ourselves, and my wife’s history of getting sick, we thought we would try the treatment. For us we only need to consume a small amount of alcohol and feel very bad the next day. Anxiety and unsettled stomach would be the biggest problems.

While in Jamaica, we did have drinks a few of the days we were there. For us to be able to have drinks more than one of the seven days proved to us that the laser treatment worked. As well, my wife did not even have the slightest problem with the change in food, which we felt was due to having the treatment. We have travelled to resorts down south at least six times since, and had the treatment every time with the same result.


Neither of us had even the slightest problem with the food and felt great the day after having drinks. I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone travelling to these all-inclusive resorts that plan on having drinks while they are there, or for anybody that experiences digestive problems from a change in food.

Donnie B.

5) ​Laser for Jet Lag

I was extremely excited when I had the laser treatment for jet lag. I had never tried it before and wasn’t sure what would happen. I flew from Sydney, Nova Scotia to the Philippines with four stop-overs. I felt wonderful going and returning. I had no jet lag at all! I slept well and enjoyed every day!


My friends could not believe it! I would recommend this for all people who travel any distance. It is awesome! Thank you so much Joan!

Gail M.

6) ​Nausea

A few years ago while going through chemotherapy, I decided to try the laser treatment for nausea from Joan. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it. Well, I’ve gone through chemo a few times over the years, and I must say that the laser treatment worked!! I wasn’t sick as I usually am. I was really impressed. I would highly recommend this laser treatment!

Donna L.


7) ​Stress and Anxiety

I would like to report that without getting the stress and anxiety points for our trip, my husband Gerard would never have gone parasailing with me! When on vacation in New York, travelling in cabs would put our anxiety through the roof. Not so with the stress and anxiety laser! love it all! would highly recommend it!

Kathy P.

8) ​Car Sickness

I always get some degree of car sickness especially on a long trip. My mother-in-law suggested I try the motion sickness points before heading back home. It was great!! My husband Daniel noticed I was on my phone, something I can’t do in the car. It really works!

Rebecca B.

9) ​Motion Sickness


I was seasick a couple of times when out lobster fishing with my boyfriend. I had one session of laser acupuncture for seasickness at the beginning of lobster season. That was all I needed. It worked like a charm!

Kathie B.

10) ​Las Vegas

Flying time from Cape Breton = 8.5 hours......time difference 4 hours.

For my husband’s 60th birthday, we planned a trip to Las Vegas. I wanted to take in the entertainment, shop and sight-see. In the past, when I would travel with a time difference like this, I would be tired and it would take me a few days to adjust. We planned on staying just 5 days, so I had no time for hangovers or jet I decided to find out what I should do so this would not happen to me this time.

I did some research and contacted Joan who offered laser therapy for jet lag and hangovers. She explained the simple laser procedure and I thought it sounded was quick, painless and inexpensive. Off to Vegas we went!

Our trip was one of the best ever! After 14 hours in airports and catching connecting flights, we arrived in Las Vegas. I put on my running shoes and I hit the Vegas strip with lots of energy!!


That evening when we returned to our hotel, I realized that it had been 20 hours since I left home and I still felt great!! I adjusted to the time change with ease and when I returned home, I had enough energy to clean the house.....I felt great! It is truly amazing!! I have told many friends and relative about the laser therapy and they are glad I did. I will never travel without laser therapy!

Barbara M.

11) ​Bahamas Cruise

I had been avoiding taking cruises for many years due to the fact that I get motion sickness very easily and I felt floating on the sea was never very appealing to me. A group of my friends were making plans to take a Caribbean cruise and persuaded me to join them.

I went to see Joan before going on this trip when I realized that she offered laser therapy to prevent sea sickness. I decided to give it a try. It was very quick, painless and inexpensive.

With great apprehension, two days later I boarded the cruise ship in Miami. The following day, the sea was rough and with the ship rocking back and forth, I couldn’t walk a straight line.


Much to my elation, this motion did not affect me. I was able to enjoy everything that this beautiful cruise had to offer....exquisite meals, entertainment, dancing and friendly passengers. It was truly amazing! It was smooth sailing for the rest of my cruise! Thanks to the laser for motion sickness and hangovers, this was my trip of a lifetime! Without hesitation, I will soon be taking cruise #4...a trans-atlantic cruise. I will never leave home without laser therapy!

Barbara M.

12) ​Caribbean Cruise

On our 25th wedding Anniversary, we set sail on the high seas on a Caribbean Cruise. We were nervous as my husband gets sick on the P.E.I. Ferry crossing which is a little over an hour long. Going on an 8 day Cruise was frightening! The Cruise was unbelievable with strong winds and high waves. Not once did my husband or I feel sick.


We could feel the rock of the ship, but it never stopped our wining and dining! Joan gave us both Laser for Motion Sickness and Hangover before we left, and we were amazed! Especially my husband! We would recommend Joan’s Laser to anyone who wants a perfect holiday! We will never travel again without it!

Heather and Sandy M.

13) ​Brazil Trip - International Student Program

In April of 2016, I travelled to San Paulo Brazil with the International Student Program. Nervous to travel to an unknown country, another time zone away, I once again went to see Joan. She recommended Jet Lag and Stress & Anxiety.


The Laser is usually effective for 2 weeks or more. I travelled from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to Brazil for 10 days, never once being tired or anxious! The Laser made my trip even better without the worry!

Heather M.

14) ​Fun with Friends

Are you going to a Caribbean Island, home for a Family Reunion, or just a night out with friends? Joan’s Hangover Laser points give you the opportunity to have fun, play hard (if you want to), and not spend the next day with a headache, or sick in bed. I would not travel without seeing Joan first. It is money well spent!

Heather M.

15) ​Repeat Customer

I have had the Laser points for Jet lag, Motion Sickness & Hangover (the Full Monty, if you will), on more than one occasion over the years...and every time with great success!! I wouldn’t travel without them now! I did travel once without them a few years ago, and I was really sorry! Missed them greatly!!


A wonderful program! I encourage everyone who is travelling to try it for yourself because it works!

Susan T.

16) ​Word of Mouth Referrals

I heard about the Hangover Prevention Laser from a buddy of mine. I was going to Mexico on an All-Inclusive vacation. I get really bad hangovers!! I decided to try it. The problem is......Joan lives 3 1⁄2 hours away! That’s right! I live in New Glasgow and she lives in New Waterford! I decided to try it anyway. A friend and I drove the 3 1⁄2 hours to get our Hangover Laser (which only took a few minutes), and the 3 1⁄2 hours to get back home.


That’s a long trip to try something that you weren’t sure was going to work for you! I was really hoping for success! Well.....happy to report, the Laser worked great for the 3 of us in our group who had the treatment! Had a great trip!

Evan H.

17) ​Fishermen and Fisherwomen

Heard about the Motion Sickness Laser from my uncle’s girlfriend. I get so seasick, and I’m a fisherman! Not a good combination! I was at sea with 7 foot waves, sick as a dog, all curled up in the fetal position! Not much good to anyone! I live in Cape North.....about 3 hours away from Joan in New Waterford, but I called and made an appointment!


The treatment took a minute or so, and off I went. Fingers crossed! I got on the boat at 2:30 AM and off the boat at 8:30 PM the following day. I was all smiles! Not one bit sick! Some of my buddies weren’t doing so well! Really impressed!!


A few days later, my uncle made the 6 hour return trip to see Joan!


Worth it for the outcome! Would recommend it to any fisherman who gets a bit seasick out on the boat!

Happy Cape Norther!

18) ​Long Distance Customer

On April 5th, 2018, just three days before a seven day trip to Mexico, a friend and I decided to try the “Laser Therapy Hangover treatment” offered in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. At 4:00 PM, he and I jumped into his car and travelled approximately 3 1⁄2 hours from New Glasgow to New Waterford to meet Joan.

Upon arrival, Joan welcomed us at the door and invited us in. She gave us the “riot act” on how the treatment works and the history of her practice. As we went into the Laser treatment room, she handed us each a pair of goggles to protect our eyes, and immediately began her work.


Five minutes later, we were done......simple, quick and painless. Now at this point I will admit, I was rather skeptical. The procedure all seemed “Too Good to be True”.

In the past while on vacation, I’ve always been the one drinking and partying until around 4:00 AM, sleeping until around noon, still a little groggy from the night before but rallied through it and started all over again.


This year, things went a little differently. This year, I still partied until around 4:00 AM with my friends, but instead of struggling to get out of bed at noon to have some lunch, I was awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every single morning before 8:00 am!! Somehow, someway, I was able to drink for give or take 20 hours consecutively, sleep for 4 hours and feel refreshed and functional!! Almost like the procedure not only prevented a hangover, but gave me an overall energy boost!!

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this five minute procedure helped me maximise my vacation time, and I will without a doubt be a return customer for years to come before my annual vacations! Joan...Thank You!!

Cory C.

19) Didn’t Know!


For many years, my husband and I have been going to see Joan on a regular basis for the Laser Acupuncture Treatments for Stress & Anxiety and Hangover. Many times we weren't even going to be drinking alcohol, but the Hangover points gave us energy, and just made us feel better in general! We love the Stress & Anxiety points, they really make a difference in how we handle all the stresses that we have to deal with on a Day-to-Day basis.


One day, I asked Joan do do me a big favour. You see, my dad was going to see Joan for Physiotherapy treatments. I asked her if she would do the Stress & Anxiety points for him, without letting him know! Well, Joan asked him one day if he would allow her to do a quick little treatment to help make him feel better. He agreed immediately. I did not tell anyone in the family, except my husband about this.


A few days later, the “Clan” dropped by the house for a family gathering. Whenever this would happen, my dad would just put himself in a corner away from everyone to avoid all the noise, and the hustle and bustle! Well, low and behold, there's my dad smack dab in the middle of everything! Dancing around, smiling, laughing, having the time of his life! The family didn’t know what to make of this! They were looking at him thinking, “Who is this man who looked like my dad!” And, you must remember, he did not know he was getting the Stress & Anxiety Laser Treatment! Pretty amazing, eh?


Marlene G.


20) Trip to Europe


We had planned a trip to Europe. The day before we left, we both received laser treatment from Joan. It only took a few minutes. We had a long, overnight flight with a five hour time change. Landing in Munich, Germany in the morning, we toured the city and began travelling through three countries. We travelled by plane, boat, tram, car, and bus. We were very fortunate to experience local food and drink in the many different places we found ourselves. There were so many sights and amazing things we did on this trip. We had NO downtime in the 17 days we were there. The next trip we plan, laser treatment will be a part of our plans for sure, and we would recommend this to everyone who is planning a vacation.


Dan & Marilyn K.


21) Experience Going South


Years ago, after getting the laser acupuncture for the first time to prevent hangover, I was really amazed by how well it worked. Since then, I won’t ever go without it, because it really does prevent a hangover! My family and I all get the laser when we vacation down south. It works so well, and it even holds up to a week spent on an all-inclusive resort. Being an extremely anxious flyer, the Stress & Anxiety laser really takes the edge off of flying and makes travelling a much more enjoyable experience for me. I highly recommend Yin & Yang Wellness!


Emily M.


22) Australia to Canada, and Back


On my trip from Australia to Canada, I suffered terribly with Jet Lag and it took me 5 days to recover. By the time I fully recovered, it was time to turn around and head back home. Thankfully I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and found out about laser acupuncture for Jet Lag. What can I say but, the Jet Lag was non-existent on my return flight. I had a full night’s sleep, and I woke up bright and early the next day. I felt alert and calm, and quite happy to be taking care of my children! The best part was that it didn’t hurt at all! Thank you so much Yin & Yang Wellness for this wonderful service!


Vera P.

23) Migraine Headaches


When I received laser acupuncture for my Migraine Headaches (and Sinusitis, since my right frontal sinus was inflamed), for the first time in ages, I slept without being awoken by migraine pain. Honestly, I had a comfortable sleep, which I had not had in months. My nights have been going to bed with Advil, waking most nights at least twice with excruciating migraine pain, and having to take more medication. My days were just trying to keep control of the pain. Great news, I have not had any symptoms of migraine since ages! Thank you Yin & Yang Wellness!


Amy O’Q.


24) Hot Flashes & Night Sweats


For all the women out there suffering with Hot Flashes/Night Sweats due to Menopause, I highly recommend laser acupuncture from Yin & Yang Wellness. I had one session months ago, and I have not had a Hot Flash or Night Sweat since! I have tired medication and the patch in the past. I discontinued them because of the side effects. This service takes minutes, and has no side effects whatsoever! I am one very happy customer!


Pearl E.


25) Korea to Cape Breton


I made the trip from Korea to Cape Breton at least 20 times over the years, so I know what to expect. Recently while home on vacation, I decided to try the laser acupuncture for Jet Lag provided by Yin & Yang Wellness. My trip was great! I felt great afterwards. Best flight I ever had! I wasn't agitated one bit. I had a jump in my step afterwards that I never had before! Usually I am wrecked getting off the plane. I don’t know what it did, but it definitely did something. I’m kinda mind blown by it! Thanks a million!


Mark M.

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