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Halifax Stanfield Int'l Airport

Discover Your Happy Place! 
All it takes is a few minutes!

Yin & Yang Wellness is a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing wellness services that will leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and ready-to-go. We provide our clients with a variety of light-based acupuncture treatments to prevent or alleviate common situational conditions. Make the positive choice to 'Discover Your Happy Place'. See what Yin & Yang Wellness has to offer you.

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1) JET LAG                 





(ie. Hangover and Upset Stomach)

What's Availible?

Our treatments are Fast, Easy, and Effective, with no adverse Side-Effects and No Needles.  We know you are busy and that your time is valuable.  With these treatments, you are in-and-out in less than 5 Minutes. The treatments are painless and you cannot get hurt. Over the last 8 years, we have had a very high customer satisfaction rate.  Most treatments are effective for two weeks on average.  We have many repeat customers who take advantage of regular treatments and who also like to refer their friends and family.

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Helps Prevent or Alleviate the effects of Jet Lag

You don't have time to lose when travelling for fun or for business. Travelling is costly. Why add to the cost with untimely fatigue and loss of alertness?


For travellers who will be or who are experiencing Jet Lag, this treatment will help prevent or alleviate that exhausted feeling. Get back to your Happy Place!

Popular with: Travellers, Pilots, Flight Attendants, etc.

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Helps Prevent or Alleviate Situational* Stress and Anxiety

For anyone who will be or who is experiencing added Stress or Anxiety, this treatment can help give you a feeling of peace and  well-being. Get back to your Happy Place!

Popular with: the general public, wedding parties, dental or hospital procedures, travellers and airport workers (delayed or cancelled flights), studying for exams, etc.

* We term Situational Stress and Anxiety as the temporary, elevated stress and anxiety you may encounter due to a temporary situation that you are in or you feel you are about to be in.

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Helps Prevent or Alleviate Motion Sickness, (Air Sickness, Sea Sickness, Car Sickness) and general upset stomach.

For those who suffer from motion sickness when travelling by plane, car, boat, or who want to enjoy amusement park rides, this treatment is for you. Get back to your Happy Place!

Popular with: air or car travellers, vacationers, amusement park goers and Cruise ship passengers and employees.  Many lobster fishermen and fisherwomen have benefitted from this treatment.

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Helps Prevent or Alleviate the affects of Over-Indulgence with Food and Beverage.

For those who will be partaking in excessive food and beverage at celebratory events, including All-Inclusive Vacations, and would rather not have to deal with the dreaded after-effects, this treatment is for you. Get back to your Happy Place!

Popular with:  All-Inclusive vacation travellers, Wedding Parties, Special Occasions and Events, etc.  This has also been proven to help settle general upset stomach.

Jet Lag
Stress and Anxiety
Motion Sickness


Word on the Street

“Without getting the Stress & Anxiety laser before our trip, my husband would never have gone parasailing with me! That’s the truth! I would highly recommend it.”  

Kathy P.

“Flying time from Cape Breton to Las Vegas is 8.5 hours. Time difference is 4 hours. Off to Vegas we went. After 14 hours in airports and catching connecting flights, we arrived at 1am (20 hours since leaving home) and we felt great! When I returned home, I still had enough energy to clean my house top to bottom! The laser acupuncture was quick, painless and inexpensive. It was truly amazing! We will never travel without it.”

Barbara M.

“Three days before going to Mexico on an all-inclusive vacation, a friend and I travelled 3.5 hours one way to try the “hangover laser” for the first time. I was awake, bright-eyed and bushy tailed every single morning before 8am! The procedure not only prevented a hangover, but gave me an overall energy boost! Without a doubt, I will be a returning customer before my annual vacation... Thanks Joan!” 

Cory C.


My name is Joan Chiasson-MacDonald.  As a registered Physiotherapist for over 41 years, I have met and treated thousands of patients.  Over eight years ago I started providing laser acupuncture therapy to my clients. In doing so, I have become very confident that these treatments are effective in over 90% of people who tried them.  


They have stated that they are very pleased with the outcome and many have become repeat customers and friends.


Following my retirement from Physiotherapy, in February 2018, I have started a new company called Yin & Yang Wellness.  I have listened to my customers and now will be able to offer these specialized services to more and more people. This has become my passion and focus.


Yin & Yang Wellness is currently offering these services in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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"Most people don't value their wellness until sickness comes, don't wait.  When you know there is a chance of it happening, why not try to prevent it beforehand."

Joan Chiasson-MacDonald

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